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Our Story

Synergy Global Network Co., Ltd.
was established on May 21, 2002
The civil and commercial law of Thailand
license no. is  50154500587

       In the beginning, we were the company that sold electronic equipment such as printers, scanners, projectors, etc. Later in late 2004, we had changes in our shareholders and the management committee. The new committee decided to shift the company’s focus to internet technology, starting with providing services to set up a wireless internet café. And since 2005, we have been an outsourcing business because we have a lot of IT professional workers.

       Over the last eight years, Synergy Global Network Co., Ltd. has accumulated valuable experience, increased perseverance, and developed excellent information technology services to prepare for our client’s needs in the near future.


       Today, Synergy Global Network provides the service as a software house for customer partners. We supervise many projects for top companies in Thailand, including telecom businesses, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, etc.

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Our Vision

// My Company and My Customers to Grow Unlimited

Our Mission

Strong technical knowledge
and skills for deliver the best service
to our customer.

Enhance creative and innovation
solution to improve our technology skills.

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